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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-03-28E-Learning to support health literacy, health promotion and disease management in community settingsAtack, Lynda; Luke, Robert
2009-05-15Eco-Road Challenge: Video Gaming in EducationValentino, Gerry
2015-05-28Education and the ‘Just’ Society: What Does Plato's Republic Tell Educators About What They Do and Why They Do It?Ksenych, Edward
2013-10-15EllisDon and the Gate Three ProjectButler, Jillian
2013-05-01 Embrace Foods: Gluten Free TreatsButler, Jillian
2008-04-09T17:53:25ZEngineering Technology Students Rise to the Challenge of Cooling BreadBoyes, Lisa
2007-05Enhanced Child Safety in AutomobilesFerrara, Luigi
2013-05-01eTime Energy's HeatShield-
2010-01-29T14:43:27ZEvaluation of Interprofessional Health Promotion Activities at a Retirement HomeKapelus, Gary; Karim, Rahim; Ross, Cory; Gula, Taras; Hollenberg, Elisa; Presutti, Amanda; Loones, Mona
2008-03Evaluation of the Effectiveness Wu Casting Technique for use to create Transtibial Sockets using LinersClements, RJ
2010-04-28Evergreen BrickworksL Building 1 Retrofit AnalysisTimusk, Chris
2014-05-09The Excellence in Research & Innovation BadgeButler, Jillian
2011-03-02Exploration of Factors Related to Student Learning in their Practicum in a Collaborative Nursing Degree ProgramJennings, Anita; Couture, Brigitte; Gula, Taras
2007-05-30An Exploration of the Microeconomic Structure of the Academic Research Market: Perfect CompetitionLitwin, Jeffrey
2008-03-28T16:52:47ZAn Exploration of the Microeconomic Structure of the Academic Research Market: Perfect CompetitionLitwin, Jeffrey
2017-05An Exploratory Study of the Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom in Higher EducationWang, Gordon; Voulakos, George; Speers, Elizabeth
2008-03Exploring the Ethical Decision-Making Process of Pre-and Post Licensure Health Care Providers in an Inter-professional ContextHouston, Christine
2009-01-26T18:25:21ZFacilitator and Learner Perspectives on Facilitation of Interprofessional Ethical Decision-Making Education: Different Lenses ExploredGaudet, Julie; Ross, Cory; Hollenberg, Elisa; Loones, Mona; Presutti, Amanda; Seaberg, Rivie; Kapelus, Gary; Houston, Christine; Patrick, Allison; Reeves, Scott
2010-04-28Falstaff CharretteCrampton, Nick; Sibai, Belal Al; Milan, Anna; Miller, Chriz; Polan, Robyn; Endes, Lori; Saavedra, Angelica Ramos; Chauhan, Manish
2015-06-01Family Play: What Matters MostBezaire, Kimberly; Mohamed, Haniya; Brooke, Gouweleeuw; Shuana, McQuay; Erika, Douglas; Dan, Reilly