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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02-08Gastronomy of Taste in the Seventeenth CenturyWhibbs, Ryan
2009-05-15GBC E-Bike: A Green Alternative to Urban CommutingKalsi, Pradeep
2011-03-10GBC Innovates! #3Davidson, Dawn; Jones, Erin; Kissel, Benjamin Valliquette; Krimmel, Tyler; Luke, Robert
2009-09-02GBC Research and Innovation NewsletterGBC Research Labs
2009-05-22T17:19:45ZGBC Research and Innovation NewsletterGBC Research Labs
2008-10-17T17:09:13ZGBC Research and Innovation NewsletterGBC Research Labs
2009-04-22GBC Research Labs awarded NSERC fundingLuke, Robert
2010-04-28Genetic Evaluation of TasteCapone, Geremy; Rootenberg, Lara; Storey, Cecilia
2008-05Geoge Brown College, Research and Innovation Seed Funding: Managing Your ProjectLarkins, Meadow; Burgess, Lindsay
2008-04-09T17:56:07ZGeorge Brown College and U of T: Diagnosing a Way to Deliver Care, AnywhereBoyes, Lisa
2007-01George Brown College Research Ethics PolicyGeorge Brown College
2008-08-18T12:57:46ZGeorge Brown College Research Ethics Policy (No. 14)George Brown College
2011-05-16George Brown College, Infonaut and NSERC join forces to clean up hand hygiene compliance ratesResearch & Innovation Office
2011-02-22George Brown College: Submission to Expert Panel on Federal Support for R&DLuke, Robert
2015Gilliam Group Success StoryButler, Jillian
2009-12-23Giving Healthcare a Hand: Adapting Mobile Scanning Device to Patient CareBoyes, Lisa E.
2015-05-28The Global Great Books InstitutePonniah, Thomas
2014GoodWindWater Success StoryButler, Jillian
2016-02Green Building Research Capacity BrochureButler, Jillian
2010-06-14Green Retrofit Project Moves Construction R&D to the Top FloorBoyes, Lisa E.