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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-31Just the Basics: Meal Plan RecipesKhan, Sobia
2016-05-26Keynote Address 2016Newhouse, David
2015-05-28Knowledge is Power - Leadership Training for Marginalized LearnersKaur Bajwa, Jaswant; Willats, Anna; Choi, Jean
2016Las Reinas Success StoryButler, Jillian
2009-04'Learning To Care Together': A partnership in interprofessional education and teamworkBelanger, Barbara; Gaudet, Julie; Ross, Cory; Hollenberg, Elisa; Kapelus, Gary; Reeves, Scott
2007-10Learning With, From and About One Another: The Evolution of an Interprofessional Curriculum in the Community College SystemShekter-Wolfson, Lorie; Seaberg, Rivie
2014Learning With, From and About: Building Confidence to CompetenceReynolds, Rhondda
2010-02-08T17:43:15ZLearnings from Inter-agency IPE programming: 3P and BeyondGaudet, Julie; Ross, Cory; Hollenberg, Elisa; Belanger, Barbara; Kapelus, Gary; Houston, Christine; Patrick, Allison; Reeves, Scott
2013-02-20Living well with Parkinson's: Low-protein meals could be key ingredient in managing diseaseSeale, Andrew
2010-11-29Luke_S&T_29Nov2010Luke, Robert
2009-05-15Machine Intelligence: An Investigation in the Application of Hierarchical Temporal MemoryLeo Salemi
2008-01-19Many Things To Many People: Coming Together For Students, Staff And Community – Health PromotionGnurlantino, Anna; Jahanzeb, Maleeha; Rusciuc, Ecaterina; Esau, Ronnie
2009-05-15Mapping the Podcasting ExperienceKinney, Jim
2011-05-16Marketing Research and Business Planning for PlayLabResearch & Innovation Office
2012-04-10Marketing Research and Business Planning for PlayLabJones, Erin
2013-05-03MaRS Tower Revit Brand Heroes
2009-06-11T18:48:57ZMeasuring the Teaching Effectiveness of 3-dimensional Digital Learning ObjectsNeill, Sandra
2008-07-29T16:48:02ZThe Metamaterials ProjectResearch and Innovation, GBC
2008-07-29T16:50:24ZMicroelecronics and Microengineering Labs at George Brown CollegeResearch and Innovation, GBC
2010-05-06Mill Pond Cannery and Preserves: New Product DevelopmentCarmichael, Donna