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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10-14N2 Ingredients Blends Innovation and Technology to Develop Gluten-Free Product With a Competitive EdgeCrane, Bob; Marketwire; SmartBrief
2013-05-01N2's Tasty Alternative to GlutenButler, Jillian
2013-04-30New Media, New Learning: GBC design professor rethinks teachingBoyes, Lisa
2014-08-11A New Tomorrow for the TradesButler, Jillian
2013-10-15Newark Group VideoBostwick, Brent
2013-05-01NexJ Healthy Recipe DevelopmentButler, Jillian
2013-08-28Nothing but blue skies for Clear Blue TechnologiesSeale, Andrew
2009-05-15NSERC Faculty BinderLarkins, Meadow
2009-05-15NSERC Industry BinderLarkins, Meadow
2008-02Office of Applied Research at George Brown College’s 2008 applied research update to the Board of GovernorsLuke, Robert; McKinnon, Joy
2009-04-22Ontario Budget Supports Applied ResearchLuke, Robert
2009-12-23Ordering Up Innovation in Open-Source Software DevelopmentBoyes, Lisa E
2013-05-03Panda Robotics: Development of a Prototype 3D Print Head AssemblyButler, Jillian
2014-12-09Partnerships: Promoting Practise to PracticeKennedy, Corene
2015Peekapak Success StoryButler, Jillian
2010-04-28People Power Public SpaceCrampton, Nick; Sibai, Belal Al; Milan, Anna; Miller, Chriz; Polan, Robyn; Endes, Lori; Saavedra, Angelica Ramos; Chauhan, Manish
2015-05-28Persistence and PresenceLash, Heather
2009-05-25T13:28:41ZPet Project: Food Scientist Helps Start-Up Take Healty Bite out of Pet Food IndustryBoyes, Lisa
2015-05-28Philosophy in Education Policy Research: its Relevance and ScopeLyons, Christopher
2009-01-26T18:25:07ZPlanning Physical Space for IPEKapelus, Gary; Slopack, Marlene; Shekter-Wolfson, Lorie; Campbell, William; Lumsden, Christopher; Lugo, Raul; Gutierrez, Carlos