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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Sccacia Success StoryButler, Jillian
2011-05-17Scouts Canada Style Research ProjectMorin-McNeil, Marilyn; Reilly, Dan; Nelson, Dan; Strasser, Edith; Fracassa, Rosa; Kovarsky, Rose; Burns, Emily; Choy, Denise; Anger, Racheal
2014-11SensiMAT Success StoryButler, Jillian
2009-05-15Shelf Life Study: formula optimization and scaling up of organic retail gummy candiesAlexandra Phillips, Winnie Chiu
2010-01-13SIMS Furniture - Design Document – Version 1.0Crampton, Nicholas
2009-11-11SIMS Furniture An interactive, user-centric system for furniture design – Preliminary Research DocumentCrampton, Nicholas
2010-05-14SIMS – Scalable Interactive Modular SystemsLuigi, Ferrara
2008-03Simulated Practice Centre Program EvaluationDiniz, Dianne; Betts, Lorraine; Da Silva, Celina
2013-05-01SmarterMeetings.comBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-09T17:53:58ZSocial Scientists Apply Their Intelligence to Emotional IntelligenceBoyes, Lisa
2009-04-22Socket ScienceBoyes, Lisa
2013The SOS Crane ProjectHeroes, Brand
2009-07-07T18:03:43ZSoup to Nuts-
2009-07-07T18:06:03ZSoup to Nuts-
2015-05-28Spaces for Discovery Curriculum DesignHeitz, Thomas
2009St. Michael's Diabetes PortalButler, Jillian
2008-10-03T14:11:23ZStudent Spotlight: The Shape of Eye Candy to ComeBoyes, Lisa
2010-04-28Students Internal Communication System using AsteriskFernandes, Kingsley; Lee, Sun Ho; Chansanjam, Sodhi
2010-05-28‘Superfood’ Provides the Seed for a New Business and Novel Culinary R&D at George Brown CollegeBoyes, Lisa E.
2014-01-24Sustainability Curriculum AuditNeill, Sandra; Foster, Stephanie; Ngan, Jason; The Green Team