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Title: Simulated Practice Centre Program Evaluation
Authors: Diniz, Dianne
Betts, Lorraine
Da Silva, Celina
Keywords: Simulated Practice Centre
program evaluation
learning outcomes
interprofessional programs
post-licensure programs
Simulated Practice Centre program
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Abstract: George Brown College (GBC) completed major renovations of the Simulated Practice Centre (SPC), formerly the Nursing Resource Centre (NRC) at the St. James Campus and purchased new simulation equipment with funds provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. It is paramount that an effective SPC Program be in place in order to support good learning outcomes for nursing students as well as those in interprofessional and post-licensure programs. The research that is being proposed relates to the following research question, "With the introduction of a new SPC Program will there be an increased level of satisfaction from the standpoint of nursing students (BSCN and PN) and Nursing faculty, as compared to the previous NRC delivery model". The research design is a retrospective/ex post facto design and will provide the means for conducting a SPC program evaluation.
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