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Title: Interprofessional Oral Hygiene Teaching for Nursing and Dental Hygiene Students
Authors: Cherney, Shari
Wiesenthal, Sandy
Betts, Lorraine
Rogers, Lisa
Mckay, Linda
Keywords: nursing
dental hygiene
interprofessional education
oral care
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Abstract: Educational approaches and strategies centred on patients including interprofessional education. Interprofessional practice is designed to promote the active participation of several health care disciplines and professions. In the fall of 2006, one hundred first year nursing student and twenty-five first year dental hygiene students participated in a unique interprofessional practical skill development initiative. To start, the dental hygienists and nursing students attended a lecture on oral hygiene. Then, working in small groups, the dental hygiene students demonstrated best practice oral care routines and then assisted the nursing students in practicing these skills on each other and answering their questions. Students found this first-ever collaboration between these professions both fun and educational. When asked to demonstrate and teach good technique, they also came to realize just how much they each actually knew and contributed to client care. Students and faculty of both the dental and nursing programs learned a lot about each other, about the skills each brings to the team and about different approaches to learning and evaluating oral mouth care. The presenters will share how interprofessional practice improves the teaching/learning environment and impacts client care positively. Opportunities for further collaborative interprofessional education will also be identified.
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