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Title: Development of a model to assess the effectiveness of emergency preparedness through simulation training
Authors: Marten-Daniel, Pat
Demeris, Henk
Zikovitz, Dan
Keywords: simulation training
emergency preparedness
multi-agency emergency preparedness training
emergency preparedness training
experiential learning
learning outcomes
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Abstract: George Brown College, in partnership with CAE, has developed blended learning solutions to provide multi-agency emergency preparedness training to individuals and organizations using immersive simulation. Simulation provides experiential learning, which has been shown to be an effective didactic for adult education. To evaluate our simulation training solution, the development of a conceptual model is proposed to show causality between using simulation as a training intervention and the desired system-level outcomes. Our research will use our model to tie emergency management/preparedness learning outcomes to a local plan and assesses the learner’s factual knowledge and skills through objective measures.
Description: Poster presentation in PDF format.
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