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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Running a SAM-based Computer Literacy ProgramNeill, Sandra; Roman, Miguel
2007-01George Brown College Research Ethics PolicyGeorge Brown College
2007-05The Cancer Survivorship Transition to Employment ProjectNeill, Sandra
2007-05Handwriting Data Acquisition DeviceMcIntyre, James
2007-05Enhanced Child Safety in AutomobilesFerrara, Luigi
2007-05Documenting Student Gains in Emotional Intelligence from Program Start to CompletionClare, Johanne; Hynes, Maureen; Quartaro, Georgia; Nigli, Rose-Marie
2007-05The Consortium on New Media, Creative, and Entertainment R&D in the Toronto RegionFerrara, Luigi
2007-05Compliments Culinary Centre, Hospitality & TourismChiu, Winnie; Smith, James
2007-05-15Applied Research 101: Context, community, cultureLuke, Robert
2007-05-30An Exploration of the Microeconomic Structure of the Academic Research Market: Perfect CompetitionLitwin, Jeffrey
2007-10An Interprofessional Health Promotion Student Practice SettingKapelus, Gary; Dybenko, Leigh; Mason, Sandy; Rudin, Susan
2007-10Learning With, From and About One Another: The Evolution of an Interprofessional Curriculum in the Community College SystemShekter-Wolfson, Lorie; Seaberg, Rivie
2007-11Interprofessional Oral Hygiene Teaching for Nursing and Dental Hygiene StudentsCherney, Shari; Wiesenthal, Sandy; Betts, Lorraine; Rogers, Lisa; Mckay, Linda
2007-11-29Proceedings of the Polytechnics Second Annual Science and Technology ShowcasePolytechnics Canada
2008-01-19Many Things To Many People: Coming Together For Students, Staff And Community – Health PromotionGnurlantino, Anna; Jahanzeb, Maleeha; Rusciuc, Ecaterina; Esau, Ronnie
2008-02Office of Applied Research at George Brown College’s 2008 applied research update to the Board of GovernorsLuke, Robert; McKinnon, Joy
2008-03The IPODES Project: Developing an International Prosthetic and Orthotic Diagnostic Exchange SystemBlocka, Dan
2008-03Development of a model to assess the effectiveness of emergency preparedness through simulation trainingMarten-Daniel, Pat; Demeris, Henk; Zikovitz, Dan
2008-03Simulated Practice Centre Program EvaluationDiniz, Dianne; Betts, Lorraine; Da Silva, Celina
2008-03Design and Assembly of a Collection of Rapidly Configurable Homecare Computer Stations for Delivering Health Informatics and Monitoring ServicesMcIntyre, Jamie