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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-03Improving Statistical Literacy in Health Information Management Professionals through a Leaning ObjectGula, Taras
2008-03Exploring the Ethical Decision-Making Process of Pre-and Post Licensure Health Care Providers in an Inter-professional ContextHouston, Christine
2008-03Evaluation of the Effectiveness Wu Casting Technique for use to create Transtibial Sockets using LinersClements, RJ
2008-03HUB of excellence process evaluationDiniz, Dianne; Singh, Mina D.; Jeffrey, Janet
2008-03-10Writing successful grant proposalsLuke, Robert
2008-03-19Research Ethics and YouLuke, Robert
2008-03-28E-Learning to support health literacy, health promotion and disease management in community settingsAtack, Lynda; Luke, Robert
2008-03-28T16:52:47ZAn Exploration of the Microeconomic Structure of the Academic Research Market: Perfect CompetitionLitwin, Jeffrey
2008-04-09T17:49:56ZProfessor's Mini Circuit Board has Maximum Impact for George Brown College CurriculumBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-09T17:51:59ZResearch and Education Partnership Boosts Product Design and Child Car SafetyBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-09T17:53:25ZEngineering Technology Students Rise to the Challenge of Cooling BreadBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-09T17:53:58ZSocial Scientists Apply Their Intelligence to Emotional IntelligenceBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-09T17:55:00ZCulinary Research Partnership with Sobeys Inc. Grows Better Food Options for CanadiansBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-09T17:56:07ZGeorge Brown College and U of T: Diagnosing a Way to Deliver Care, AnywhereBoyes, Lisa
2008-04-28T14:18:20ZBiowallButkovich, Kent; Jeffrey, Graves; Slopack, Marlene; Mckay, Jenn
2008-05Geoge Brown College, Research and Innovation Seed Funding: Managing Your ProjectLarkins, Meadow; Burgess, Lindsay
2008-05-29T16:51:50ZUsing Psychometric Profiles to Predict Student Academic Achievement and Improve Pedagogy, Curriculum Design and DevelopmentKudel, Stoney
2008-05-29T16:53:48ZCreating a College-wide Computer Literacy ProgramNeill, Sandra; Roman, Miguel
2008-06Influence of ethnicity on clusters of food preferences in a population of young men and womenEl-Sohemy, Ahmed; Brenner, Darren; Khan, Sobia
2008-06-05T15:01:41ZVacuum cooling of traditional German rye breadZhou, Kit; Boongaling, Paulo Ejay