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dc.description.abstractThe HUB of Excellence in Nursing Education for Rural and Remote Areas is designed to reach practicing nurses in rural and remote areas of Ontario. Evaluation of the program is proposed to ensure accountability for its Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) mandate. Program evaluation is an essential aspect of accountability in any program, where, accountability includes meeting program objectives and evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Program evaluation is a systematic investigation of the worth or merit of a program (Joint Committee Evaluation in Standards for Educational Evaluation, 1994). It is "the identification, clarification, and application of defensible criteria to determine an evaluation object's value, quality, utility, effectiveness, or significance in relation to those criteria"1.en_US
dc.subjectHUB of Excellence in Nursing Education for Rural and Remote Areasen_US
dc.subjectnursing educationen_US
dc.subjectprocess evaluationen_US
dc.subjectMinistry of Health and Long Term Careen_US
dc.titleHUB of excellence process evaluationen_US
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