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Title: Using Psychometric Profiles to Predict Student Academic Achievement and Improve Pedagogy, Curriculum Design and Development
Authors: Kudel, Stoney
Keywords: Psychometric profiles
Student character traits
Issue Date: 29-May-2008
Abstract: Students have different personality factors that define his or her character traits. It has been argued that specific character traits may enable some students to be more successful academically than other students. This research paper is threefold: to provide an overview of self-efficacy and its relationship to academic success; to examine the relationship between personality, character traits and academic success; and to provide a detailed workplan and outline for the completion of the next phase of this research project. The students selected for this study will form the basis of a longitudinal study that will examine their performance over the length of the program and in post-program activities such as employment and the completion of additional learning activities. The data collected will also be used to identify potential changes, deletions, additions and modifications to program and course pedagogy, and curriculum design and development that will have a positive impact on the characteristics that are more likely to lead to student success.
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