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Title: Testing the Educational Use of Podcast Technology and Mobile Media
Authors: Kinney, Jim
Keywords: CONCERT
The Legacy of Learning
RISK-based learning
School of Design
iTunes U
Knowledge Garden
Hospice Association of Ontario
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2009
Abstract: This research sought to engender an “Out of the Box” approach whose focus was on using the relatively unadorned technoskeleton provided by the vendor (Apple). The thrust of the research aimed at creating the ground conditions (Infrastructure and Opportunity) that would facilitate rich, peer-to-peer interactions whose focus was on adopting a beta-phase technology to capture, format and structure the collective know-how of the average class into a powerful, socially-constructed knowledge resource that could be easily, rapidly and consensually configured to address local and temporal knowledge requirements and eventually bequeathed as an easy-to-use legacy for future users.
Description: Concluding Report for CONCERT (The Consortium on New Media, Creative, and Entertainment R&D in the Toronto Region) partners on research project in pdf format.
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