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Title: Team Based Learning in Interprofessional Education
Authors: Kapelus, Gary
Grant, Lynne
Vemulakonda, Sai
Keywords: interprofessional education
team based learning
Issue Date: 29-Jan-2010
Abstract: In each semester since 2007, George Brown College has offered an interprofessional education credit course known as Collaboration: The Future of Health Care in Canada. This IPE course provides an overview of the organization of and key players in the Canadian health care system, collaborative practice in health care, and generic aspects of teams and teamwork. Students are organized to work in interprofessional learning teams. Starting September 2009, we have adopted the pedagogical model of team based learning (TBL), based on the pioneering work of management professor Larry Michaelsen of Central Missouri State University and several others who have applied this model specifically to health care education. As a learning strategy, TBL “promotes group problem-solving and critical thinking skills” and “improves knowledge retention and application”. The TBL methodology includes the following key components: individual study, individual and team tests, immediate instructor feedback, application oriented activities, instructor led debriefing, and peer evaluation. To the best of our knowledge, ours is the first attempt to adapt the TBL methodology specifically for an IPE curriculum. This presentation will describe the essential principles and methodology of Michaelsen’s TBL model, how we have adapted this model for our existing IPE curriculum, how we have used learning technologies to support this new approach, and the initial results of our pilot experience with TBL.
Description: power point presentation in pdf format from the IPE Ontario 2010 conference, January 2010, Toronto
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