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Title: Learnings from Inter-agency IPE programming: 3P and Beyond
Authors: Gaudet, Julie
Ross, Cory
Hollenberg, Elisa
Belanger, Barbara
Kapelus, Gary
Houston, Christine
Patrick, Allison
Reeves, Scott
Keywords: interprofessional education
long term care
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2010
Abstract: This presentation revisits the 'Learning to Care Together' project, an interprofessional education (IPE) partnership between George Brown College (GBC), and Revera Inc, a provider of long term care and retirement living services. During a 9-week period in the Fall of 2008, weekly IPE programs focused on issues relevant to an elderly resident population were delivered and evaluated. A realistic evaluation framework (Pawson & Tilley, 1997) was employed and qualitative methods were used to gain a comprehensive understanding of project outcomes. We used Biggs’ Presage, Process, Product (3P) model, modified by Freeth and Reeves (2004) for an interprofessional context as an analytic framework. This framework highlighted key contextual factors, characteristics of project participants and stakeholders as well as successful approaches and challenges to learning and teaching which are discussed. The perceived collaborative competencies gained by learners, module developer-facilitators, and project leaders involved in this initiative are also presented. Product factors not explicit in the modified 3P model which are related to individual and shared outcomes of the partnership and sustainability factors provide a ‘launching pad’ for stimulating dialogues about future inter-agency IPE programming.
Description: pdf of Power point presentation delivered January 2010 at the IPE Ontario conference, Toronto
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