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dc.descriptionPower Point presentation at IPE Ontario conference 2011 Toronto, in pdf format.en_US
dc.description.abstractPeer-assisted learning, also known as peer teaching, is a widely accepted approach to uni-professional learning in health sciences professions. This is particularly effective in the demonstration and practice of pre-clinical skills. The literature demonstrates that peer-assisted learning helps to increase collaboration among peers and plays an important role in teaching professionalism by developing skills in communication, oral presentation, teamwork, decision-making, leadership, confidence and respect for peers. George Brown College has applied the principles of peer-assisted learning to the interprofessional learning experience through IPAL, interprofessional peer-assisted learning. In a typical IPAL workshop, students of two health professions collaborate in a structured peer-learning experience. The IPAL workshop focuses on both teaching and learning of a specific psychomotor skill or in exposing students to important concepts which will broaden their professional capabilities. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, students of one profession (the peer teachers) demonstrate to, teach and/or coach students of another profession (the peer learners). Organized in a non-threatening, peer-to-peer environment, IPAL provides the peer learners an opportunity to learn about and practice a new skill, while giving peer teachers the opportunity practice their own communication skills (e.g. presentation, demonstration, teaching and coaching), another critical component of professional practice. IPAL workshops also offer students the opportunity to engage with and learn about each others’ professions, and to discover those areas in which their professional scopes overlap. This presentation will highlight the current literature on peer-assisted learning and will describe George Brown’s early experience with IPAL workshops.en_US
dc.subjectPeer Assisted Learningen_US
dc.titleInterprofessional Peer Assisted Learningen_US
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