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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09-30Investigating the Peer Teaching Role in Interprofessional Peer-Assisted LearningKapelus, Gary
2011-03-07Investigating an Integrated Interprofessional Diabetes CurriculumKapelus, Gary; Elgie, Jessica
2011-03-07Interprofessional Peer Assisted LearningKapelus, Gary
2010-01-29T14:43:27ZEvaluation of Interprofessional Health Promotion Activities at a Retirement HomeKapelus, Gary; Karim, Rahim; Ross, Cory; Gula, Taras; Hollenberg, Elisa; Presutti, Amanda; Loones, Mona
2010-01-29T14:45:25ZTeam Based Learning in Interprofessional EducationKapelus, Gary; Grant, Lynne; Vemulakonda, Sai
2009-01-26T18:24:41ZInter-agency IPE programming: Early organizational challenges and opportunities in collaborationRoss, Cory; Gaudet, Julie; Seaberg, Rivie; Hollenberg, Elisa; Kapelus, Gary; Houston, Christine; Patrick, Allison; Reeves, Scott
2010-02-08T17:43:15ZLearnings from Inter-agency IPE programming: 3P and BeyondGaudet, Julie; Ross, Cory; Hollenberg, Elisa; Belanger, Barbara; Kapelus, Gary; Houston, Christine; Patrick, Allison; Reeves, Scott
2009-05Interprofessional Health Promotion Field Placement: Applied Learning through the Collaborative Practice of Health PromotionKapelus, Gary; Elgie, Jessica; Karim, Rahim; Ross, Cory
2009-05An IPE Course about Health Care CollaborationKapelus, Gary; Grant, Lynne; Vemulakonda, Sai
2009-01-26T18:25:07ZPlanning Physical Space for IPEKapelus, Gary; Slopack, Marlene; Shekter-Wolfson, Lorie; Campbell, William; Lumsden, Christopher; Lugo, Raul; Gutierrez, Carlos