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Title: Partnerships: Promoting Practise to Practice
Authors: Kennedy, Corene
Keywords: partnerships
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2014
Abstract: This poster presents a limited qualitative Master's research assignment focused on graduates' perceptions of their experiential learning through situated program-community partnerships in relation to their current interpreting practice. Viewed as a stepping-stone by research participants, partnership contexts provided the final piece in the continuum of learning from artificial contexts (interpreting in labs with videos, faculty acting during role-plays, simulation labs within IPE experiences) to quasi-authentic experiences within practicums, and finally to partnerships within authentic situated environments with real interlocutors. Differing from practicums, a master/apprentice model of learning or service-learning which focuses on the provision of a service of an identified need in the community, these partnerships required students to be wholly responsible and answerable for interpreting services prior to graduation, resulting in experiences graduates could reflect upon and incorporate into their work as professionals once they left academia.
Description: Academic research presentation poster in .pdf format.
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