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Title: Persistence and Presence
Authors: Lash, Heather
Keywords: PoE 2015
Issue Date: 28-May-2015
Publisher: Presented at the 2015 PoE conference
Abstract: Educational institutions naturally want their students to stay in school, and the Toronto, ON institution where I teach is currently looking at this issue through a new lens. George Brown College’s discursive shift from “retention” to “persistence” places greater responsibility for success in the hands of students themselves, as opposed to in the institution’s hands holding on, retaining them. It is the students who choose to stay in school, to fail and try again, to develop the resilience required to persist. As a correlate, the institution is meant to help mediate the barriers that might inhibit persistence and to create the conditions for students to see possibilities, to see their education on a long-term trajectory.
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