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Title: An Exploratory Study of the Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom in Higher Education
Authors: Wang, Gordon
Voulakos, George
Speers, Elizabeth
Keywords: teaching
flipped classroom
Issue Date: May-2017
Citation: Presented at Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) Conference 2017
Abstract: Using a sample of 82 year-one students who studied a diploma course of organizational behaviour in the flipped classroom and another sample of 196 year-one students who studied the same course but in the non-flipped classroom, we explore the different effects between the two forms of classrooms on students' preparation, class participation, attitudes, perception of course effectiveness, and learning and skills development. We found that the flipped classroom approach performs better than the traditionally lecture-based approach in enhancing students' technology readiness. In the flipped classroom setting, students' preparation for online modules influences positively their class participation. Students' preparation and class participation, their attitudes and perception of course effectiveness, have the moderately positive effects on their learning and skills development.
Description: Research paper presenting research results in .pdf format
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