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Title: Exploring the Ethical Decision-Making Process of Pre-and Post Licensure Health Care Providers in an Inter-professional Context
Authors: Houston, Christine
Keywords: ethical decision-making
interprofessional education
health care
interprofessional ethics education
curriculum development
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Abstract: The prevalence of ethical issues within the health care system coupled with an expected rise in an aging population, suggests a need to better understand the ethical decision making (EDM) process affecting persons receiving and providing health care. Developing interprofessional ethics education is a complex process, which leads the researchers through an iterative research process consisting of 2 phases. This research project focuses on phase one of this 2-phase study as a foundation for informing interprofessional ethics curriculum development and as a means to better understand the EDM process affecting persons providing health care services in the long-term care setting.
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